The Atlantic Legacy. Essays In American-european Cultural History

Robert O Mead

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16 hours ago · The Atlantic covers news, politics, culture, technology, health, and more, through its articles, podcasts, videos, and flagship magazine. In John K. Thornton’s book, A Cultural History of the Atlantic World, – , Thornton describes the exploration of the western world by powerful European nations. Early on in the text Thornton details the ways early European merchants and explorers discovered the routes across the Atlantic to what would eventually become the Americas. He then lays out the formation and expansion of.  · Nine years ago, Kate Bolick’s Atlantic essay, which became her memoir about single life, Spinster, made waves. In it, she detailed all the ways that women were upending what society expected of Author: Samhita Mukhopadhyay. You trace the topic’s genealogy in a book of essays entitled Atlantic History: Concept and Contours, which is your first selection.. There are two essays in the book. In the first, I describe the external circumstances, political and cultural, that shaped the historical awareness of the Atlantic world as a subject in itself. The history of white supremacy among white Catholics is more complex, but the connection to white supremacy is equally clear. With its roots in Western Europe, Roman Catholicism has a long history Author: Robert P. Jones. The Atlantic Ocean: Essays on Britain and America by Andrew O'Hagan is a stunning collection of reportage from the acclaimed journalist and novelist. Synopsis. As he grew up, Andrew O'Hagan witnessed the decline of Britain and the rise of America, the end of British industry and the rise of Blair and the tabloids. This collection of essays tells the story of that period in our cultural and Reviews: 8.  · Atlantic history is a kind of historical analysis that historians have used since the late s to organize profound transformations in the societies in the four continents bordering the Atlantic Ocean in the early modern era. It is, as John Elliott notes, “the creation, destruction and re-creation of communities as a result of the movement across and around the Atlantic basin, of people. ATLANTIC HISTORY The Atlantic slave trade refers to the movement of Africans from their place of origin to the New World. The activities involved in the trade included violent capture, mass murder of the people in Africa and tortures. The transportation of slaves was forceful therefore violence was used. The trade took place between the sixteenth and the nineteenth centuries where African.  · A Cultural History of the Atlantic World [] will be a foundation stone in the study of the Atlantic, simultaneously an entry point for novices, a reference for established scholars, and a guide for future studies. An extraordinary achievement.' Ira Berlin, University of Maryland 'Only a handful of historians can master the cascading new scholarship on African, Latin American, European Reviews: Importantly, Atlantic history differs from previous ways of looking at the transmission of cultural patters in the development of American, European and African societies in being determinedly polycentric rather than monocentric. In other words, the Atlantic world has no originary centre and is not conceived as a world in which Europeans acted and other peoples reacted but instead was a. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Rise and Fall of the Plantation Complex: Essays in Atlantic History (Studies in Comparative World History) at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.