Owning a GDC greycard gives you the assurance and peace of mind knowing that an international network of fellow defenders have your back should you face repression for your participation in class struggle. In the era of rising fascism, crippling austerity, and militarized police brutality, supporting direct action through legal defence, fundraising, education, and other means of support is the best way to encourage popular struggle. Join today to support direct action everywhere.

Our recent defence campaigns

  • Legal funds for J20 defendants. Results: All charges dropped
  • Preemptive defence funds for anti-racist march against the KKK. Results: No charges, KKK routed.
  • Legal defence against anti-union firings at Ellen’s Stardust Family Diner. Results: All jobs reinstated, $500,000USD in backpay.

Education workshops & materials

Before you set out for direct action, make sure you and your crew are ready for anything. Our members enjoy access to workshops and educational materials on Accountability, Organizing, Legal Defense, Arrest support, Picket Marshalling and more.

Affordable dues

Dues are sliding scale, paid quarterly (every 3 month) starting at $40 a year with a one time $5 initiation fee.

Level Price  
Minimum Dues $15.00 now and then $10.00 every 3 Months. Select
Normal Dues $25.00 now and then $20.00 every 3 Months. Select
Maximum Dues $45.00 now and then $40.00 every 3 Months. Select