This working group adheres to the 5 Principles for the Anti-Police Brutality Movement which was put forth by Can’t Touch This NYC Anti-Repression Committee outlined below.

  1. We will respect a diversity of tactics in the streets, as they reflect a diversity of political perspectives within our movement. We will not physically prevent fellow demonstrators from taking actions they deem necessary.
  2. While we may debate and disagree, we will not denounce fellow protesters in public statements in a manner that exposes them to state repression. We will not denounce protesters for engaging in self-defence or property damage.
  3. We refuse to cooperate with politicians in legitimizing the repression of other parts of our movement. We will not accept this as a condition for dialogue with city officials.
  4. We refuse to help police repress our movement. We will not help police identify and prosecute protesters, nor hand protesters into police custody, nor provide general intelligence on our movement.
  5. We will avoid posting and circulating sensitive visual information on social media, as police use social media to collect incriminating evidence against protesters. We will not collaborate with the media to make such information publicly available.

In keeping with the aims of the General Defence Committee to defend all who face police or capitalist repression for their participation in the class war, we will provide the following aid…

Education on your rights and police powers

Knowing your rights is empowering, but knowing that the police have and continue to trample on these rights is a fact that no one should be oblivious to. We aim to provide educational workshops and easily consumable content in the way of zines and videos to spread knowledge that can help save you and your loved ones from the terror and brutality of the police and the capitalists who give them marching order

Legal Defence Fundraising

While the IWW and GDC do not pursue a legalistic struggle against the employing class and the police who uphold it, anyone facing repression needs to pay lawyer fees or bail. Through fundraising campaigns and events, we aim to provide peace of mind to our fellow workers in knowing that their legal fees and bail are covered.

Court and Jail Support

The GDC was formed at a time when thousands of workers were facing repression for their organizing efforts. Through solidarity campaigns, letter writing, and co-ordination with the legal community, we will let those facing repression know that we have their back, and that they aren’t forgotten.

To join this working group, sign up to our local and a delegate will get you setup.