Direct Action and you: intro to the IWW-GDC

Doug Ford’s attack on the people is not going to end with a rally or petition from bureaucratic political parties. Time and again we learn that direct action gets the goods. It may sound daunting, but you aren’t alone. No matter what the bosses and their cronies legislate, there will always be more of us than there could ever be of them.

On May 20th, come meet Local 6 and learn how you can get started as an agitator, educator, and organizer in the IWW-GDC. Arrive early for food and coffee.

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2 hour event schedule

6:00 meet and greet
6:30 What would you change?
6:45 What is the IWW, GDC, and local 6?
7:15 Anti-Repression Work in the GDC
7:30 15 Minute Break
7:45 AEIOUs to Organizing
8:00 Organizing at Work
8:15 Group activity
8:30 wrap up.

This event takes place on the traditional, unceded, unsurrendered territories of the Algonquin nation.

In the spirit of community defence, our local recognizes anti-colonial actions as part of the broader class war, and will support all who face repression for their rightful acts of engagement.

Accessibility Info:
We will at Carleton University, Room UC 513 which fully wheelchair accessible, the space is scent-free, and we will be mindful of allergies for snacks that we’re alerted to. Documents will be displaced on a screen, but also will be made available for members in digital formats.

Send our page a message if you need a lift, have an allergy you’d like to alert us to, an additional access need, or help finding the room.