New members meetup and intro to the GDC

On April 1st, our new members met up to discuss and learn about the GDC, our local, and the struggles ahead. After the break, new members co-led a values cloud exercise and part of Lukayo’s accountability training.

Event agenda

  1. Land acknowledgment & anti-colonial commitment
  2. CLV Action video
  3. Introductions, Pronouns, How we heard about the GDC, what we would change about life in Ottawa
  4. History of the GDC
  5. GDC Structure
  6. Recent GDC Initiatives (j20, Defence funds)
  7. What is Local 6?
  8. Our Local officers
  9. Our past events and actions
  10. Current and upcoming campaigns
  11. 15 Min Break
  12. Anti-Fascism
  13. Anti-Repression
  14. Accountability
  15. Values Cloud Exercise

Our local will likely hold another new membership meetup each quarter so long as there are new members to attend. Anyone interested in signing up and coming out to our next new members meetup can do so at ottawagdc.org/join-local6