Endorsement of Dec 1st rally, solidarity actions, and the general strike

Amid draconian state repression of the right to strike, Local 6 have endorsed the Dec 1st rally in support of postal workers and encourage all to come out. While political support is critical, we also believe it must be followed up with continued direct solidarity actions as we saw in Hamilton, Windsor, Richmond, Halifax, and Whitehorse over the week. These community pickets are effective in keeping pressure on Canada Post, and send a message to capitalist governments across the world, that no worker will stand alone when their right to strike is so blatantly disregarded.

Beyond small but brave community actions, we believe a bottom up labour movement can grow into a general strike, and that the time has never been better to do so. Legislating 50,000 people back to work has destroyed any last shred of hope in constitutional monarchy. With strikes and job actions across multiple sectors, a student strike in Quebec, and devastating plant closures in Ontario, the working masses are more than ever in need of a movement that promises to secure a future for them and their families. Historically, the general strike has proven the only effective way to win the most basic of rights and defend them for a generation or more. We ought to remember that general strikes took place under much more difficult conditions such a fewer rights to association, and mass hiring of scabs during periods of high unemployment.

We ask all who wish to fight for a better future to join us on Saturday Dec 1st, to help plan and take part in direct solidarity actions, and to begin planning for the general strike.


  • The right to strike is a charter right, and the very corner stone of the labour movement which cannot grow let alone exist without it.
  • The Trudeau government have passed back to work legislation, same as the Harper government did in 2011 who were later found guilty of violating the charter of rights and freedoms
  • The Harper government received no penalties for the violation and neither will the current government.
  • Senator Sinclair voiced “it is a Charter breach, there’s no doubt in my mind… this is an unconstitutional piece of legislation.”
  • The enforcement of back to work legislation has in the past resulted in raids by the RCMP and the imprisonment of fellow union members.
  • Friends of the public service have called for a day of action in in solidarity with postal workers and the right to strike
  • Back to work legislation is a return to the business class invoking the power of state thugs to rob workers of their most basic of inalienable rights
  • Strike actions and plant closures have led us to an unprecedented moment when Postal workers, auto workers, SAQ workers, Grocery store workers, and Quebec Students are all on strike or engaging in job actions.
  • Unemployment is low and labour at a premium, thus making it harder to find scabs.
  • Only a nation-wide general strike can punish the government for violating the right to strike of 50,000 workers
Be it resolved that,
  • Local 6 endorses the Solidarity with postal workers and the right to strike event organized by the friends of public service
  • Local 6 calls for more acts of civil disobedience including strikes, walk-outs, occupations, and other forms of direct action
  • Local 6 calls for all workers to begin planning and discussing strategies for a General Strike