Toronto Aug 11 Shut Down WCAI Report Back

On Aug 11th, Ottawa GDC Local 6 travelled to Toronto to take part in an action to shut down WCAI’s planned islamophobic white nationalist event at Nathan Phillips square. WCAI’s organizers are been known to post blatantly islamophobic and white nationalist rhetoric, and try to mobilize hate actions with rallies in various cities, though often their efforts fall flat.

WCAI Vice President Jesse Wielenga

*1488 is a reference to the white nationalist 14 words credo, and 88 for Heil Hitler.

Aug 11th would be no exception. None of their members or organizer show up. Likely because of the massive crowd of 500+ anti-racists who showed up to let WCAI and other racist trolls know that they aren’t welcome.

Despite the racist groups being nowhere to be seen, Toronto police spent hours in the hot sun defending an empty barricaded space at Nathan Phillips Square. This did not stop them from escalating tensions. Police were shoving people around and even threatened to break someone’s hands unprovoked. Later in the day, police swung batons followed by a horseback Calvary charge into the anti-racist crowd. If anything, they only risked trampling their own front line.

Despite the absolute routing of the fascists, despite the far-right media trolls, despite police agitators and undercover agents continually needing to be turned out from our ranks, the day ended with just one arrest. The Police could not handle our numbers. Could not handle our commitment to anti-fascists solidarity. They finally took their horses and went home. But not before one final round of the day’s best chant…

Our friends at Toronto GDC, Grand River GDC, and Toronto Against Fascism did an amazing job organizing the event. There were more groups showing up and helping out than there’s space to write, but thank you to all who came out.There were plenty of medics, food and drink from the snacc bloc, and organized squads to setup throughout the square. Special thanks to Montreal Antifascists who came from so far out.

Toronto’s T.H.R.E.A.T has a great video roundup of the day

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