Endorsement of ‘cops out of CUPE’ campaign

Whereas, CUPE National President Mark Hancock is moving to ‘welcome’ RCMP intercept analysts and other officials ‘into the family’ in spite of the centuries of oppression brought by the RCMP against Black and Indigenous communities in so-called Canada.
Whereas, the historic role of the RCMP in so called Canada has been to spy on and repress the labour movement.
Whereas feminist activist and former CUPE President Grace Hartman was arrested by police for her support of striking hospital workers
Whereas the RCMP were modeled after the Royal Irish Constabulary so as to carry on the tradition of enforcing colonial rule on Indigenous peoples.
Whereas, the RCMP have engaged in spying on activists via illegal use of Stingrays, and undercover agents.
Whereas, the RCMP have used bombs in dirty tricks campaigns to frame and imprison climate activists.
Whereas, the RCMP are guilty of murdering labour activists Pete Markunas (age 28), Nick Nargan (age 28), and Julian Gryshko (age 29).
Whereas, a grassroots movement led by labour activists, concerned members of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and other directly affected communities, and others targeted by State repression have put for a ‘No Cops in Cupe’ resolution as part of the ‘Keep Cops out of CUPE’ campaign.
Be it resolved that, the Ottawa IWW General Defence Committee Local 6 does not recognize the RCMP, any police force, or correctional officers as being part of the labour movement except as state forces of repression.
Be it further resolved that, the Ottawa IWW Genereal Defence Committee Local 6 encourages RCMP civilian staff struggling for better working conditions, to leave the RCMP, and join the labour movement through more progressive organizations.
Be it further resolved that, The Ottawa IWW General Defence Committee Local 6 endorses the ‘No Cops in CUPE’ resolution, and calls on all labour, community, climate, feminist, and social justice organisations to support the ‘Keep Cops Out of CUPE’ campaign, and provide material support for solidarity actions.