MayWorks Ottawa April 27th – May 2nd

Ottawa Local 6 are proud to be part of the MayWorks Ottawa 2018 organizing committee. We encourage all to come out over the 6 days to both celebrate and learn about our common struggles.

From mayworksottawa.ca

MayWorks Ottawa is a festival of working class culture that is rooted in an understanding that workers share a common struggle as a class against capitalism, and the arts are an important means of advancing this struggle.

MayWorks Ottawa – 2018 hopes to create an open space for communities in struggle including Indigenous, racialized, precarious, and marginalized communities in Ottawa. We want to do so while also creating an “umbrella” for May Day activities that supports a unified initiative to mark May Day but recognizes and respects political diversity and the need for independence.

There have been many activities and initiatives over the past 5 years to mark May Day in Ottawa by several diverse groups in the city. Initiatives have included marches, educationals, public panel discussions, music performances, and more. We want to take the best elements of the past 5 years, and build on them, by adding an emphasis on “working class struggle and the arts”.