Fundraiser for Accountability 101 Workshop

Since the #metoo campaign this past fall, the alarming number of survivors to vocalize experiences of sexual violence in the local Ottawa music community has shed light on an urgent need to develop stronger, more accessible accountability measures.  While venues have policies to help prevent sexual violence, there are minimal community procedures or support structures for survivors seeking transformative justice. Nor is the process of accountability accessible for those outside of academic spaces. 


While we currently have a survivor support group meeting regularly, we need your help in providing an accountability 101 workshop.  The workshop is called “Planning to Be Good to Each Other” and will be facilitated by Lukayo Estrella on March 24th.  The goal of the workshop is ultimately to provide non-hierarchical group participants with tools to establish processes for accountability and to provide participants with concrete ideas and frameworks to bring back to their groups. Community accountability and interpersonal solidarity gets talked about “in theory”, but the actual process of creating an accountability framework, and practicing that accountability, presents unique challenges. The workshop presents strategies that foster productive modes of community accountability that recognize the intersectional and
multifarious nature of oppression.


In order to make the workshop financially accessible, we are seeking financial donations to aid in covering costs, such as venue, advertising, materials, and facilitator fees.  Your support is key in helping survivors to receive transformative justice.  You can donate online via Paypal to gdc6@ottawaiww.org. 


Sponsorship levels
  • $50 – Sponsor an individual participant.
  • $100 – Sponsor 2 participants. Your name on the list of donors on event page and workshop program
  • $200 – Sponsor 4 paritipants. Your organiziation’s logo on the event poster and sponsorship bio on our Accountability page.
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If you have any questions, please send us a message at gdclocal6@riseup.net or use the form below.


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