GDC Local 6 launches in Ottawa

After a long hiatus, the Ottawa General Defense Committee Local 6 has launched with renewed commitment to revolutionary community and union self defence.

Outside the workplace, many of us face humiliating conditions at the hands of our landlords and their property management cronies. As gentrification creeps, ‘renovictions’ and other slumlord style pressure tactics are becoming the norm. But they don’t have to be. Successful rent strikes in Vancouver and Toronto have proven that we can beat them. Actions by solidarity networks have led gains for tenants across turtle island.

In our communities, we see our neighbours being targeted and harassed by racist bigots looking for someone to blame for the ills of the world. We encourage community members to report any racist activity so that it can be documented, and confronted accordingly.

As a first initiative, we’ve struck two working groups dedicated to accountability and security. Recognizing the longstanding vacuum of accountability in both organizing and social spaces, our accountability working group is researching and fundraising to promote community infrastructure that holds abusers accountable and restores justice to survivors. Respectively, the security working group is holding workshops and discussion panels to build security culture for both organizers and community members.

All these struggles take a lot of time, thoughtful planning, and resources. We ask that you consider joining Local 6 as a volunteer, organizer, supporter, or member of the legal community with a $5 initiation, $5-$30 quarterly dues rate, and a donation to our legal defense fund.

The struggles ahead are daunting, but together we can win.

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